What do we offer?

Let's say, your company needs to have its own web application, but it doesn't have necessary abilities to complete this task. There are a couple of reasons for this:
  1. Your company is not dealing with web development, but you can not or you don't want to buy ready solution, because it does not meet your requirements completely.
  2. Your company is creating complex web solutions, but you need to reduce time and costs.
  3. Your company simply needs to free some resources for other project, which is more important, but does not want to stop current one.
A good decision in this case is to use outsourcing, which the concept of taking internal company functions and paying an outside firm to handle them. So it is more like you hire a team of developers for just the only one task, bit this team is not just several freelancers, but well-organized software firm, which will work as the part of your enterprise until quick and successful product release. In this case, outsourcing company is interested in quality of product and developing speed, because with high-quality solutions it earns respect in industry and because as soon one order will be finished as quick a new one can be taken.

There also can be other reasons for having to delegate your software development tasks to other party, but you are not sure about such points like how quick your job will be done, how to communicate with executor's company, does that company has an appropriate level of proficiency, can they really fit an application to all your requirements, etc. It makes the selection of outsourcing partner pretty difficult process.

Luckily, pmStation offers outsourcing programs as well as development under its own label. So now you can get this kind of service not from a beginner company, but from well-known enterprise, which has its own achievement and developments in brunch of web-oriented applications, while price will remain surprisingly acceptable.

But before explaining why outsourcing with pmStation is so advantageous, let's figure out, what you can gain.
  • Your solution will fit perfectly to all your requirements, because development process will be under your control as well as if it was at your own department
  • Total price of the completed work is much lower because of modern offshore outsourcing capabilities
  • Solutions of high quality are being finished in shortest terms possible
  • Your company can use free resources for starting other projects
Why pmStation?
  • pmStation is not intermediary company - we provide the first-side service
  • pmStation is not a start-up company and it has already earned certain level of fame by its products, which are the best evidence of proficiency and high potential
  • High technological flexibility allows to adapt solution ideally to meet all client's criteria
  • Qualified personnel, selected and trained perfectly, guarantees outstanding quality of product and short completion time
  • Well-organized communication system allows to stay in touch with our customers continuously
  • Regardless of all factors listed above, the price remains comfortable and allows saving your money for other business activities.
How to contact us?

If you have found our outsourcing services useful for your business and you want to join our outsourcing program, just contact our managers right now. You will get all answers and advices you need very soon. We are sure, that our service will help your business to grow and become successful as never before.
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