During years of existence, pmStation has created several sophisticated solutions for web. All creations of our company consist of latest technological achievements of software industry and original ideas of our designers and programmers. Nowadays, the company keeps developing web applications for a wide variety of Internet industry brunches, targeted at the future needs. The perfect illustration of looking-forward strategy is 4onlinehelp.com - revolutionary online customer support system, which is definitely the mix of highest technologies and rational way of thinking. Now let us give you a brief overview of each project to show you our vision of good solution.

This online file sharing service is the partner of pmStation. In basic, 4shared.com is an online file storage, where people can save their files and organize public access to them in easy way. But it is just a simple definition. Indeed, 4shared contains inside a lot of advantages and usable features for different user requests.

4shared.com screenshot 4shared.com has gained a great success mostly because of its extremely friendly interface, pretty similar to usual file manager, so users do not have to learn nothing new to use it.

Each registered user gets an account, which is called '4shared virtual drive'. It represents a structure, similar to file system, which allows to create, remove, rename, cut, copy and paste folders and files. Any kind of user's files can be uploaded to that drive for storage and sharing. Also there are lots of additional options, providing special features, like setting permissions for stored information, password protection of folders, audio/video streaming, account statistics etc.
Sharing Features
There are three ways of sharing files at 4shared.com:
  1. Adding files to the public search results
  2. Sharing files with friends by providing them with special sharing links, generated for each file individually
  3. Sharing entire folders with friends by providing them with special sharing links, generated for each directory individually
In case of folder sharing there are additional options, related to security settings – directory owner can set various permission levels for visitors, including upload allowance or protecting a folder by password.
Some features are available only in prepaid subscriptions. Legend:
  • Free
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Small Business Enterprise
  • Enterprise

In normal life people used to communicate with each other, while in internet applications often it is not so easy to reach this effect, for example, in customer support, because existent means of communications is not specially designed for commercial use and do not include several very useful features, like notifications, support of multiple operators, additional user data, etc while phone can be inconvenient for clients from other countries, or, for example, the phone is busy due to dial-up connection. So our company decided to develop special system for maintaining up-to-date online support. It's designed in form of online tools, which allow embedding live supporting system in any web-site by simply adding short script to the code, and creating an account for operators, while all technological part of the process will be handled by 4onlinehelp.com web service.
Main Advantages The project
  • Customizable design of user and operator screens
    The appearance of all windows and elements of client and operator side can be changed easily to fit your site design.
  • Multiple operator support
    Several operators can be connected to the system with no collisions. It is also possible to connect multiple operators to a single chat.
  • Statistics and monitoring system
    Notifications and statistics, like number of users, chat messages, timings and other useful info is being stored automatically.
  • Extremely easy way to embed into web application
    4onlinehelp service can be connected to your application by a simple script insertion.
  • All facility is provided and operated by 4onlinehelp.com
    Your troubles are only to create 4onlinehelp account, find an operator for your support team and insert 4onlinehelp script into your application. All technological procedures and facility will be provided and maintained by 4onlinehelp.com service.
This project is on stage of development, so, please, be sure to check latest pmStation news and releases. Currently all ideas and technologies for the service are being tested at 4shared.com Live Help system. We hope this helpful web service will become another one successful solution by our company for your internet business activity. Do not miss a chance to make your web application user-friendly for real.

This is a future project of pmStation, dedicated to online buying and selling new and used cars. It is global web site, adjustable for each region individually, which provides an opportunity to place advertisement with your car offer or search through large ads database to pick a car, which perfectly meets all your criteria. Similar to other pmStation projects, this web application has very friendly and intuitive design and powerful capabilities, like advanced search, pricing statistics, local settings, useful tips and other features.

It is going to be a convenient way to buy or sell a car almost in every country of the world.

Autosell is currently being developed by the part of pmStation team. Watch for latest news and releases.

The idea of this project is to make an integral system for buying and selling new and used cars in Internet. The site is featuring ads database, advanced search engine, which may help visitors, who is looking for a car, to pick variants by different criteria, like brand, price, model, year of manufacturing, color and other parameters. Also visitors can add car offers both used and new in different categories.

This service is introducing a wide selection of cars from almost all countries of the world, so you can find whatever you need in every single point of the planet. Simple and useful interface is designed to give users absolute control of the buying process and make finding a vehicle that meets your personal needs fast, easy and productive as never before.

Also we plan to include in project various additional features, like car reviews, safety reports, pricing statistics, automobile news, cars comparison, etc, configured and automatically selected to correspond to current country and region.

And all these stuff is encapsulated in one smart and extremely friendly web application, which is typical for pmStation. Autosell is useful not only for people who are searching for used cars, but it may also be of great help in buying a brand new car from your local reseller, because our service will maintain an advertisement program for car traders, so ads and pricing for new cars may also be included.

This project is currently in stage of development. We hope that as soon as it will be released, it will become one of the largest global car sales places in Internet and earn large online audience of car buyers all over the world.
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